Frequently asked questions

Where are we located?

We are located 2 miles outside of Alexandria Bay on the corner of Route 26 and Bailey Settlement Road. Feel free to use this handy Google Maps applet for detailed driving instructions!


When should I arrive?

The first movie starts on Cinema 1 and coincides with sunset. We recommend that you arrive at least half an hour prior to get parked and get any food from The A-Bay Café!


May I bring my dog?

Certainly! We only ask that you use good judgment in regards to your dog's disposition and maintain control of them at all times.


Do we accept credit cards?

Currently we do not accept credit cards at either our box office or The A-Bay Café, but for your convenience we have an ATM inside The A-Bay Café.


How do I listen to the movies?

We transmit the soundtracks for the movies over FM radio. Cinema 1 is in 106.1 FM, and Cinema 2 is on 92.3 FM. Just tune in your car stereo and enjoy!


What if my car stereo doesn't work?

For your convenience we have 2 Dewalt Brand battery powered construction site radios available for rental in The A-Bay Café. Simply go to a cashier in The A-Bay Café and pay the rental fee is $5.00 and leave your driver's license as a security deposit. If you know you need one, show up and claim it early because we only have 2!


Can I back in and watch from the back of my SUV with the tailgate up?

Of course! We only ask that you be courteous to our other guests and make sure that you secure the tailgate in such a manner as to prevent it from being higher than the roof of your vehicle. If you find yourself without string or twine, ask us in the concession stand. We usually have some!


What if my battery dies?

We have jump-packs in the concession stand and will happily give you a jump start free of charge! A little prevention goes a long way. We recommend that you start your car and let it run for a few minutes about every hour for a newer vehicle and about every half hour for an older vehicle.


How do I turn off my daytime running lights?

Modern vehicles have more bells and whistles than a circus train. Unfortunately for other patrons, this usually means some combination of automatic running lights/parking lights. We recommend that you test yours prior to coming to the show by running your car in park and then with your keys in the auxiliary position. At each stage check to see what your headlights and parking lights are doing (if anything). If you do have such automated lights on your vehicle, we recommend consulting your owners manual on the method for disabling them, as they tend to be slightly different for each manufacturer. If you can find no way to disable them then we recommend bringing a thick, old blanket or tarp and some way to secure it over your lights for the convenience of our other patrons.

Also, please keep your foot off of the brake pedal during the show. It blinds the people behind you! ;)


Can I switch screens for the second movie?

Yes, but it gets tricky. Ask at the box office.


Do I have to watch the movies in my vehicle?

Certainly not. Many of our patrons prefer to bring folding lawn chairs or blankets outside of their vehicles. Generally, this is done in front of their vehicle (being sure to stay out of the driving lanes, of course!), but should a spot next to your vehicle be open when the feature starts feel free to move into it. Be prepared to move should a late-comer wish to park there.

Cinema 1 also has a screened-in seating area with a full sound system adjacent to the A-Bay Café. It has all the comforts of an indoor movie theater without the price gouging! Any one who has purchased a ticket for Cinema 1 is free to use the area at no extra charge.


Can you reserve the screened-in area for parties?

Certainly. The best way to do this is to shoot us a message on Facebook. Just let us know your name, a number or email to contact you at should we need to, which date you would like the room reserved for, and at least 3 days notice. We offer this to our guests free of charge.


If we book a party, can we bring our own food?

Our general policy is "No Outside Food or Beverage". Locally owned movie theaters in general, and drive in movie theaters in particular, are an increasingly rare thing and they only make profit on concessions sales, the movie studios keeps the lion's share of ticket revenue (that's why the big chains charge you $6.00 for a small popcorn!).

For booked parties we sometimes overlook this rule. As most of these tend to be birthday parties we are fine with you bringing in a birthday cake or other party related treats. We ask that you be courteous to us and not bring in food that we sell, such as pizza, burgers, popcorn, etc..  This will help us remain viable and servicing our community for many years to come!



Have we missed anything?

If you have a specific question that you don't see answered here drop us a message on Facebook, we'll answer you on Facebook and add it to the website!